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Stability Analysis get to know the SHMS module dedicated to it

Stability Analysis: get to know the SHMS module dedicated to it

Stability Analysis is a set of methods – static or dynamic, analytical or empirical. They are used to evaluate the stability of soil or rock dams, slopes or ravines.

In a practical way, this analysis provides parameters and subsidies to certify the stability of a structure or assist in understanding where reinforcements are needed. It is used in various geotechnical areas, from mining and dams to civil construction, especially in roads. In this way, it contributes to minimize the occurrence of accidents with these structures.

Ensuring asset safety through constant monitoring is the purpose of the solutions developed by IntellTech. In this scenario, the stability analysis is one of the SHMS tools, which has a module dedicated to this monitoring.

When we talk about the Dynamic Stability Analysis module, we highlight the SHMS Platform’s efficiency. This is because the tool allows the analysis to be performed in a dynamic way using the most recent data from local piezometers to update the water table surfaces, make the phreatic surfaces, and make the results available in real-time.

The solutions developed by IntellTech can be accessed and updated remotely, allowing access to data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This facility is valuable in the monitoring service, contributing significantly to the security of the asset. Furthermore, it is possible to increase your decision-making power and anticipation of facts due to the accuracy of the data through the analyses carried out with the SHMS.

In the SHMS Platform, the methods covered are limit equilibrium and finite elements. Learn more about below some specific ways to measure the stability of assets:

Limit Balance

Type of analysis that compares the driving forces, that is, that induce ruptures with the resistive forces, providing, as a result, the ratio between these resistive and driving forces. This ratio, which we call the safety factor, is calculated on several surfaces along the structure. In this way, we can search for its most fragile regions.

Finite Elements

Discretizes the structure into elements, usually triangular or quadrilateral. This allows you to set up a system to analyze the forces and deformations generated by them throughout the structure. It also allows you to calculate safety factors by reducing the strength parameters of the materials numerically in search of the failure point.

We implemented methods for limit equilibrium analysis in soils with these characteristics by circular and non-circular surfaces. Moreover, the finite element methods provide stress and strain simulations along the slope. In other words: Stability analysis is a fundamental process for asset maintenance. And the best way to perform it is by relying on the efficiency of tools and technologies specifically for this process.

So, if you need to perform this type of analysis and monitor the security of your assets, IntellTech brings you the solution. Besides listening to your needs and customizing solutions that meet the details of your operation, our solutions have the seal of the major companies in the market. Thus, you can have the best of both worlds: the security of a tested and approved solution added to its personalization and adequacy to your business. to your business.

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