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Siren Integration and Triggering: meet SHMS’s new module

All mining companies have a responsibility to communicate warnings to potentially affected communities in the event of a dam break, and thus sirens are essential warning tools for this type of situation. There are several meanings for the sounding of a siren, however, most of them are associated with some risk or a warning sign of something wrong that has happened or is about to happen.

Image: Chiavini and Santos.

In May 2020, the National Mining Agency (NMA) published Resolution. 32/2020, which revokes article 15 of NMA Resolution n°13, 2019, and makes punctual changes to the DNPM Ordinance n°. 70,389/2017. Among the main changes is the obligation to activate sirens and warning mechanisms automatically. Previously, an Emergency Action Plan was required only for sirens that, however, with this update, all sirens of all mining dams now have this requirement. In addition, there were also the inclusion of stricter criteria in the classification of risk category in situations where potential impairment of the safety of the dam is found.

According to the legal determination to drive sirens, IntellTech developed the drive module within the SHMS Platform to assist its customers in compliance with that Resolution. The SHMS Platform Siren Module is used for the activation of devices of any kind. For this, it is necessary to have an interface to the device via software.

This new module and the rest of SHMS are equipped with Web technology, allowing the user to trigger the siren from anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to the network where the Platform is installed. SHMS provides the Fault Tree module to support the triggering settings, which allows logic to be created from higher-level alarms for the activation of a group of sirens. The configuration and use of the system are simplified, and the logic created for the activation of the Siren within the mining companies will meet the real need of the geotechnical area.

The sirens can be automatic or semi-automatic; automatically, a timer appears for the drive, if the operation is not canceled, the siren goes off. A trigger button is displayed in semi-automatic mode if the user wants to trigger the siren, since the tree has indicated a critical state for triggering. Currently, the module is configured for the activation of sirens, but in the future may be triggering floodgates, drones, among other devices.

Adding to the development of this module, the SHMS Platform ceases to be just a Solution that integrates data, processes, and displays results, and becomes a Solution that activates devices from the results and information generated in the Platform itself, consolidating as the only Integrative Solution for the decision-making process in monitoring and assets, structures and areas.