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We Help to Preserve the Environment

We help to preserve the environment

Celebrating nature is much more than hugging trees or cheering the sunset. After all, the environment provides us with several fundamental resources for our life, such as air, water, and food. This is why June 5 was established as “World Environment Day”. On this date, created by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1972, it is common to see manifestos and other measures created to preserve the environment – such as combating deforestation and creating a critical attitude to environmental problems.

In 1981, Brazil went further and instituted the National Environment Week with the objective to include society in the discussion of agendas for the preservation of our natural heritage. This year, the theme of Environment Week will be Biodiversity – so don’t be surprised if you come across this theme in various media and social network profiles. We are not always able to measure the impact that man causes to the planet. Thus, everyday conservative actions – such as saving water and energy; the conscious consumption with recycling and reusing raw materials, among other attitudes.

IntellTech, as a representative of the technology sector, reinforces its commitment to the preservation of the environment. Besides adopting environmentally responsible actions in our daily solutions, mining and related companies can minimize the impact of their companies and minimize the impact of their activities in each location where they operate and are inserted. During this week, we will also use our social networks to discuss environmental topics, such as biodiversity, air pollution, care of water resources, water resources, and others. In this way, we also lend our digital platforms to work as instruments for our customers to use in environmental responsibility actions. Thus, we help avoid the waste of natural resources to more serious accidents with a high impact on communities.

In addition to reiterating our commitment, we invite all of you, readers, partners, and customers to commit yourselves to the Preservation of the Environment. To this end, we have listed some environmentally friendly attitudes to help you take the first steps:

  1. Turn off the tap

Drinking water consumption consumes a large number of other resources – such as energy and treatment products. Even so, clean water is an increasingly scarce resource.

Pollution of rivers, the lack of care for springs, or even a reduction in the amount of rainfall. So, turn off the tap! There are several ways to save water consumption and reuse the same resource more than once.

  1. Turn off the light

Besides turning off electronic equipment, spending less time in the shower, and turning off the light whenever a room is empty, it is necessary to rethink the amount of energy spent on the production of items and also the compaction of waste. Rethink your habits always to consume the minimum necessary.

  1. Conscious consumption

Of water, of energy, of products. As we said in the previous topic, we spend a lot of energy on the production of new items and even on the recycling of others. Therefore, it is important to question the new purchases. Instead of buying a new outfit, how about revamping the one you already have in your closet? Before throwing an outfit away, wouldn’t it be possible to use some parts to create another product or repair something that is broken?

  1. Reduce, recycle, reuse

The slogan has been known for a long time, but some have not incorporated these concepts as habits. Start using less paper or changing the disposable cup for a mug. Remember that small changes can have a big impact. Thus, we make our daily lives more practical and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

Start today with whatever you have at your disposal. Take advantage of this Environment Week to think about what you can do individually and in your company. And stay tuned: we will soon be bringing you news on this topic.