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Intelligence at the Service of Better Decisions

Intelligence at the Service of Better Decisions

Providing technological solutions with accurate data and information in real-time to improve and facilitate decision making: with this goal, IntellTech was founded in 2016. The startup was born from the meeting of the expertise of Luiz Albino Teixeira Júnior, Everton Luiz Garcia, and Antônio Carlos Zandoná. It took shape and relevance after the incident with the dam in Mariana (MG), which took place in November 2015.

But even before forming the company, Luiz Albino was already wondering how to use his technical and professional knowledge to offer a solution to the market that, at the same time, could bring benefits to the entire population in the surrounding area.

To learn more about Intelltech’s training trajectory, understand its industry, and the importance of its products for the market, read on. In the following topics, we will bring you all the information.

Prepared for the opportunities

IntellTech is a software technology company with a focus on Hard Science. Therefore, It integrates the areas of IT, Statistics and Geosciences, and produces predictions, analyses based on quantifiable data and mathematical models with a high degree of accuracy and objectivity.

IntellTech core business provides integrated and intelligent WEB-Mobile Platforms for monitoring and inspecting geotechnical structures in mines, dams, and similar structures. All this is done online and in real-time.  

In other words, by opting for IntellTech systems, the customer has at his hand an efficient tool that contributes both to making decisions quickly avoiding structural problems of all sizes – including catastrophes such as those that occurred in Mariana and Brumadinho, both cities in the state of Minas Gerais.

The company was founded by specialists with strong academic backgrounds and extensive experience in risk management of geotechnical structures, initially focusing on hydraulic dams of hydroelectric power plants. With the collapse of the Fundão dam, which occurred in 2015 in Mariana, the partners redirected their project to meet the needs of monitoring and inspection of mining companies’ dams.

After the disaster, the founders identified the opportunity to redirect all development for hydraulic dams, which had been done only for the mining sector until then. They understood the heating up of this market due to the social, financial, political, environmental, and human impact caused by the disaster in Mariana. Thus, they came together to move forward with a plan for prospect customers and develop prototypes.

Vision and values

The company was born with the mission of developing customized technological solutions capable of transforming data into information – in other words, capable of generating intelligence and reducing uncertainties in the decision-making process.

Add to this the goal of becoming one of the main world references in the segment, always valuing

Collective interests over individual interests;

  • Ethics and truth;
  • Security and confidentiality;
  • Quality and commitment;
  • Intelligence, creativity, and innovation;
  • Focus on results.

With this impetus, in just two months, IntellTech was already working with its first client with a prototype of the system, today improved and known as Geo Inspector.

The serial performance respected all the founders’ ideals, who worked together with customers to develop a solid and assertive solution capable of meeting each customer’s general market and individual needs and location.  

Thus, today it is possible to serve a more complete and complex range of companies, without the efficiency of the tool and with total integration between the systems and programs used.

Professionals, Products, and Services

IntellTech hired the first three employees still in the development phase of the first prototype. Today, it has a workforce of 43 highly qualified professionals. They are PhDs, Doctors, Masters, and Specialists, forming a multidisciplinary team in Geoscience, Data Science, Information Technology, and Management. Thus, we can affirm that we have a unique system for the mineral sector and that can be expanded to other segments

The Geo Inspector system already has 12 modules developed, each one dedicated to monitoring and analysis of specific stages of the work developed in the field.

Besides this, it also offers the SHMS, a digital platform that can be seen as a “universal integrator”, because it is able to integrate:

  • Geo Inspector (with all manual instrument and sensor data, inspection and information from inspections and anomaly management);
  • Any type of automatic instrument or sensor (such as radars, satellites, robotic stations)

Data and information tools from expert systems (E-Commerce, CRM, PIMs, SAP, etc) and/or from different areas (such as Automation, Geotechnical Planning, and Information Technology)

In addition to the continuous development of new features and solutions, IntellTech invests in improving operational processes. In focus are research and development, knowledge management, operational management, and customer and market management processes.

As for services, IntellTech works with corporate customization by integrating and incorporating Geo Inspector and SHMS to your reality and business rules. The integration happens collaboratively, together with the development of new modules and functionalities.

The management processes are also being reformulated. Thus, the company intends to strengthen the performance in business and leadership management, talent management, financial management, supply management, process management, and the governance system. After all, IntellTech creates systems, but it is necessary to have highly skilled people behind it to deliver the best technological solutions for the clients’ pains.

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With this history, IntellTech stands out as the promise of a global company, differentiated, unique, and potentially attractive in the marketplace, both for its business model and its economic potential

If you are like our other customers, have just discovered that you really need to optimize your team’s work, don’t waste any more time. Get in touch with our consultants and clear all your doubts about our products’ online systems, monitoring, and automatic analysis. Speed up the decision-making process and discover that it is possible to increase the safety of your dam with just one click.

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