Intelltech’s core business is supplying intelligent computer systems which are broadly flexible and autonomous, customized to the needs and the reality of each client in particular, which are also automated and synchronized with the available infrastructure. Therefore, data collection of manual instruments, inspection, contextualized integration of data and information, structural monitoring, future scenario prediction, structural risk analysis, are a few of its possible functionalities. The obtained information is presented in dynamic and easy to view Dashboards, interpreted with the assistance of customized maps and reports, generated automatically with just one click.



Intelltech’s Information Technology team has a group of employees consisting of graduate, specialist and master analysts, with high technical qualifications and broad


experience in the development of intelligent and customized solutions in the context of Hydroelectric Dams, Tailing Dams and Mines safety. Some of the computer technologies used by our Information Technology team are: Big Data Management; Data Warehouse; Dynamic and Custom Dashboards; Augmented Reality; Dynamic Virtual Reality and Static Virtual Reality; 2D, 3D and 4D Custom Maps; Internet of Things (IoT); Cloud Computing.


Intelltech's multidisciplinary Statistics team is composed of Masters and PhDs with a strong expertise in Data Science with emphasis on Intelligent Technologies


- for example: Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy Logic, Artificial Neural Networks, Support Vector Machine), Classical and Bayesian Statistics, Times Series Forecasting, Optimization, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Hybrid Methods, Pattern Recognition, Fault Tree - used in the development of automatic and customized solutions to problems in the context of Hydroelectric Dams, Tailing Dams and Mines.



Intelltech’s Engineering team has a group of technical workers, who hold Master and Doctor degrees, with solid knowledge in Programming and Numerical


Methods applied to Geotechnical Engineering, Geophysics and Geology; and broad experience in structural analysis of Dams and Mines. The solutions developed are customized and include, among others: the safety factor calculation, dynamic and static reliability analysis (2D, 3D and 4D), boundary conditions and soil properties sensitivity analysis, finite elements and finite differences methods, rupture probability.


Intelltech Solutions


Take control of yourstructure and assets

The Geo Inspector is composed by an administrative interface (Web) and a mobile app, developed to meet the demands of managers and technicians in monitoring and inspection of structures and assets in organizations.


Security and structural stability

The Slope Health Monitoring System (SHMS) is a modular platform for data integration, planning of monitoring and inspection activities and data analysis, whose goal is to provide as much contextualized information as possible, related to its structures and assets, as its boundary conditions and also monitoring activities and field inspection in the shortest possible time – it all in order to minimize inherent operational and financial costs, and above all, offer more control and security in our clients operations.

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