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Get to Know the SHMS Platform

Get to Know the SHMS Platform

IntellTech’s core business are technology solutions for customized digital projects. These customizable systems are intended to monitor and analyze dams and other similar assets and bring together various information and data, important elements to contribute to decision making by contractors. While Geo Inspector is the solution used on a daily basis, in-field activities, the SHMS – or Slope Health Monitoring System – consists of a more complete platform, which gathers the information captured in the Geo Inspector and makes a sequence of cross-references and reports, consolidating the information obtained. We can say that SHMS can be seen as a universal connector by its ability to integrate the Geo Inspector with any kind of instrument or automatic data used in different areas. In summary, SHMS groups, analyzes and consolidates all the information captured in the field by all types of instruments, and transforms all these elements into useful and assertive information.

Developed in late 2016, today it already has 15 different modules, with 2D and 3D acting. In this article, we will highlight the main features of the tool. To learn all about SHMS, keep following our posts and discover all the benefits IntellTech’s digital platform offers your business.

SHMS Features

Some of the characteristics of SHMS are very similar to those of Geo Inspector – such as respect for the articles of NMA Ordinance 70.389/17, the choice of language (English, Portuguese and Spanish), flexibility regarding business rules, permission to use for various users with varying degrees of accessibility, among others. However, as it is a more robust and complex solution, we can highlight features that go beyond customization and remote access.

  1. Web Technology

SHMS is an Intelligent Platform equipped with WEB technology, using Client-Server architecture. This means that it is only necessary to configure the servers according to the infrastructure prerequisites previously specified, according to each client’s scenario. This way, no other investments or additional costs are required to make the system available to the end-users. The platform also enables a series of functionalities, which can be executed locally or remotely. This is an advance in relation to desktop technology, systems generally used by other integrator systems in the market, which do not allow remote access.

  1. Integration

It can be seen as a global integrator, structured and architected under the Data Warehouse (DW) concept. In it, all data and information from manual or automated instruments (and/or sensors) installed or in the customer’s geotechnical structures are centralized and organized. It also integrates with specialist systems (e-commerce, automation, etc.) and with other programs and systems related to inspection activities, management of anomalies, and asset management, at no additional cost.

  1. Experience

SHMS is the only stability monitoring system in the world that has the dynamic fault/event tree module. This feature greatly enhances the monitoring of stability monitoring on a full-time or 24/7 basis. This functionality allows experience, technical expertise, and knowledge of the quantitative and qualitative peculiarities of geotechnical structures that can be considered in the definition of intelligent alerts and the construction of rules by SHMS of the automated monitoring. Remembering that the platform is not to replace the teams in the monitoring rooms but rather to provide information and data in greater quantity and quality about the stability of geotechnical structures.

  1. Multidimensional

It is the only system that provides 2D stability analysis, with circular and non-circular, deterministic and probabilistic limit equilibrium methods, sensitivity analysis, etc., and 3D, with Finite Element methods, Reliability Analysis, among others. Both modules can be viewed simultaneously, providing more complete stability analysis and monitoring.

  1. Intuitive

Automatic reporting can be customized with just a few clicks, improving user interaction and experience. This feature facilitates, for example, the SIGBM (Integrated System of Safety Management of Mining Dams) of the Regular Dam Inspection This feature facilitates, for example, the filling of the Regular Dam Inspection Statement in the SIGBM (Integrated System for Managing the Safety of Mining Dams), which is a requirement provided for in Art.20 of NMA Ordinance 70.389/17.

  1. Customizable

In addition to the standard modules, SHMS has new integrated and interdependent core interdependent modules. These are:

  • Geotechnical Laboratory and Field Tests;
  • 2D and 3D Fracture Modeling;
  • Bank Reconciliation;
  • Geological Modeling, 2D and 3D;
  • Dynamic Pit Planning;
  • Sequencing, Pit Economic-Financial Analysis, and Sequencing;
  • Global Truck Dispatch Manager.

In short, SHMS is a customized solution that can be adapted to the client’s reality. It is software that allows you to incorporate or remove modules, redefine processes and other activities, considering each client’s particularities and business rules. In other words, the SHMS can be understood in a more comprehensive view as a platform whose objective is the digitalization, automation and maximum possible integration between the areas of the mining enterprise (such as operation, planning, monitoring, financial). Thus, we can say that the product we have available is often the initial stage of something larger that will be designed according to the needs presented by the customers. This is technological modernization for the mining sector – and also for any other sector that decides to know and use IntellTech solutions.