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The Web-Mobile Geo Inspector Platform allows an integrated, contextualized, and intelligent management of data and information related to manual instrumentation monitoring activities, field inspection, anomalies, and asset management, as well as the monitoring of anomaly, repair actions, centralization of field test data, and generation of customized technical and strategic reports.

Manual instrument inspection and reading forms or any other field activity that requires visual inspections are easily customizable by users according to their internal or regulatory requirements. Geo Inspector supports various reports such as monitoring, enforcement, regulatory compliance, and multiple types of data filters and visualization.

Easily create sensor or instrument measurement forms for each of your structures and assets by area, sector or region.

•  Have a complete history of field readings.

•  View sensor or instrument readings in graphs that are easy to see and understand.

• Create inspection forms of your structures and assets in an organized and compliant manner according to your reality.

• Design forms with input standards: text, selection,number, as well as options for high resolution photo capture of the inspected locations.

• Fully view each completed form in the field.

• Better organize your team’s monthly planning for field activities.

• Manage the shifts each technician is responsible for.

• Define the work schedules for each shift.

• Keep track of fieldwork dynamically by viewing mapped responses provided by the technicians.

• Know the position of each technician during the activities.

• Search for information on activities already performed,filtering by technician, type of activity and period.

• Record any anomalies identified during inspections.

• Define the necessary actions and assign those responsible for remedial actions.

• Perform the complete management of anomalies by prioritizing, setting start and end dates, status tracking, etc.

• With just a few clicks, get managerial and / or technical reports for full access to information stored in the system, so that decision making is easier.

Geo Inspector consists of an administrative interface (web) and a mobile application developed to meet the needs of managers and technicians in monitoring and inspecting structures and assets in organizations.

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Geo Inspector enables accessibility to your information at different levels and under certain conditions from anywhere in the world.


Managers’ communication with field teams can be enhanced through notifications automatically sent to mobile devices, emails, SMS and communication apps, informing them about activities assigned on Geo Inspector.



Geo Inspector is broadly flexible, depending on the needs of each customer, to include intelligent automated methods that aim to produce, from the collected data, information statistics for a better understanding of the operational area to which they refer (geotechnical, environmental, plants) such as correlation, descriptive statistics, trend curve, prediction of future scenarios, behavior classification, sensitivity analysis, etc.

Optimization of structures and assets monitoring and inspection activities in any operational area with integration of procedures in a centralized and user-friendly environment.

Generation of forms for instrument reading and structures inspection in a way that is dynamic and fully customized to the needs of your area.

Ensuring field staff efficiency through robust planning and real-time monitoring of activities.

Record of any anomalies identified in the inspections, as well as their classification regarding the priority level and definition of remedial actions.

Quick and easy access to customized technical and management reports with up-to-date data and information, so decision making can be done in the shortest possible time.

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