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Geo Inspector and the Digitalize Fieldwork

Get to know Geo Inspector and understand how it can Digitalize and Systematize your Company’s Fieldwork

Geo Inspector consists of a Web-Mobile platform designed to centralize data and information collected in the field and asset data related to any area. In particular, it has been widely used in the geotechnical monitoring sector, mineral and electrical markets.  It is possible to control information online on the web platform and offline proceeding from the data collection with the use of the tablet.

For example, field inspections in areas and/or various structures, such as dams, are carried out by manually collecting information, as the manual readings of the monitoring instruments. With the use of the Geo Inspector platform, the data collected data can be digitalized and made available for different uses.

As previously mentioned, Geo Inspector is composed of two interfaces, Web and Mobile application, related and complement each other. The Web platform is the administrative interface, where the customized workflow is designed and the access to all and analyses. The Mobile platform, on the other hand, is used by means of a tablet that replaces the pen and clipboard in the field and enables the digital recording of data by the technician, who accesses all the analyses previously defined on the Web platform, as well as their routine activities. This interface enables the preliminary analysis of the field technician and the comparison of data measured to 30, 60, and 90-day charts – referring to planned actions, delays, field inspections, among others.

Also, on the tablet, you can access the field instruments through QR Code, your reading sheets, the specific inspection sheets associated with location or asset, its georeferenced position, associated anomalies recorded the ensure proper monitoring and insertion of necessary follow-ups in the adverse conditions.

The systematization of the data collected in the field within the platform allows generating numerous reports, with KPIs, tables, and other statistical analyses that facilitate the taking of technical and strategic decisions. There are a multitude of filters where the user himself can set your charts in time window, sector, type of actions, inspections, instruments. Beyond this is possible to record any anomalies identified in the inspections, and to classify them as to the priority level. You can also associate photos with anomalies and define actions all in a simple, practical, and safe way. In addition, it is possible to register any anomalies identified during inspections and classify them according to their level of priority. It is also possible to associate photos with the anomalies and define repair actions. All this in a simple, practical, and safe way.

Now that you know some features of Geo Inspector and its solution for systematizing and making digital your data collected in the field, contact our area to schedule a test of the platform. IntellTech is ready to help you.