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World Environment Day – How IntellTech can help you

World Environment Day – How IntellTech can help you

What do all sectors of the economy have in common? This may seem like a random question, but one that is entirely necessary on this World Environment Day. This is because activities developed in all sectors of the economy affect, directly, the environment. This happens through the use of natural resources or in the residues produced, whether waste, pollution, or others.

According to Resolution 001/1986 of the National Council on the Environment (CONAMA), the following are considered Environmental Impact actions any change in the environment’s physical, chemical, and biological properties. These can be caused by any form of materials or energy resulting from human activities that, directly or indirectly, affect the environment:

  1. the health, safety, and well-being of the population;
  2. the social and economic activities;
  3. the biota;
  4. the aesthetic and sanitary conditions of the environment;
  5. the quality of environmental resources.

Thus, we can reiterate that, even if unintentionally, all companies and corporations cause an impact on nature; therefore, they need to be attentive to the way they develop their activity.

Today we will explain how IntellTech can contribute to your business, helping your company to comply with CONAMA 001/1986. Follow along.

Manage environmental assets

IntellTech’s digital solutions deliver, besides customized products, solutions that integrate the enterprise with its territory of coverage. Through the platforms Geo Inspector and SHMS platforms, it is possible to manage environmental assets from several sectors.

How does this happen? It’s simple: Geo Inspector, being a WEB-Mobile solution, allows the full-time management of the activities in the field. The tool enables the inspection of environmental areas such as sites in the process of forest regeneration, environmental risk areas, Conservation Units, Permanent Preservation Areas (APP), Legal Reserves, and other regions of interest. The tool also enables the intelligent and integrated management of anomalies identified in these units.

Another important feature provided by Geo Inspector is the monitoring of manual instruments. This equipment is used to measure the quality of water, air, soil, effluents generated by the enterprise, and other environmental resources that need to be controlled.

In this way, the Geo Inspector becomes fundamental in managing the daily processes that occur in the field in the region of influence of the project.

Consolidate the information

Another solution developed and commercialized by IntellTech is the SHMS – or Slope Health Monitoring System. A more robust and complete platform integrates its information with the data captured in the Geo Inspector, consolidating the information obtained. The environmental issues can be addressed in this solution during the licensing process, during the operation, and during the closing of the entrepreneur’s activities.

The various modules that exist in SHMS allow the user to register assets or environmental instruments in the territory, such as automatic monitoring stations or areas/ polygons of environmental interest for the preservation of fauna and flora or still upload layers relevant to the company. It is possible to set alarms on these environmental assets in compliance with the environmental legislation, making the process safer for the user.

In addition, you can:

  • generate risk maps in places of vulnerability, and that need mitigating actions;
  • perform the document management of its environmental programs and processes;
  • process graphical analyses with the data collected;
  • elaborate customized reports according to your needs.

In real-time, all this information can be visualized in an integrated and georeferenced way in the 2D and 3D Monitoring modules. This feature facilitates the decision-making process in the territory regarding environmental aspects and impacts, complying with the legislation in force and ensuring the preservation of natural resources.

The tools, systems, and solutions created by IntellTech are now added to the experience in companies with a strong link to the environment. New customers and partners are now part of our portfolio, reinforcing the company’s initial goal of being and optimizing the financial, intellectual, and technological resources to give more security to the niche processes in which we operate.

Thus, we reinforce our mission of serving the collective interest over the individual.

Do you agree with our philosophy? Then contact us and find out how we can help you.