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Dam monitoring system: the importance of PMO during implementation 

When it comes to Dams monitoring system, we can tell we are talking about protecting lives and the environment, because any failure in data collect and information analysis might cause enormous tragedies such as the ones in Mariana and Brumadinho (in Brazil). 

Thus, having a team totally dedicated to planning and overviewing the system implementation is important to guarantee the success of product delivery and target, for instance Geo Inspector and SHMS – Slope Health Monitoring System -,Intelligent, analytical and integrated Web-mobile solutions by Intelltech. 

Get to know PMO (Project  Management office) 

Within our team of specialists in geotechnical assets monitoring system, we have got PMO – Project Management Office – also known as Project office, with analysts focused on planning and following up the development and implementation process of systems at the client mining companies and measuring, together with our Quality department, the platform’s performance. 

Through methodologies applied during the project, suggested by the PMBOK – Project Management Body of Knowledge guide, such as the PDCA – Plan–Do–Check–Act cycle, PMO adopts good constant improvement practices, as organization and storage of project history. Besides, register of successful actions in previous stages are considered and applied to the following ones, to guarantee the dam monitoring system efficiency.  

The constant follow up ensures that all the projects are being fulfilled according to the client’s scope and requirements, respecting deadlines, search of problem resolution, communication flow and cost decreasing assistance. 

Why is PMO monitoring important to Dam monitoring system?  

As in any other kind of system the PMO monitoring is essential to have a platform which meets the initial targets satisfactorily. But here we are considering a dam management system focused on monitoring instruments such as piezometers, inclinometers and geotechnical radars, where Geo inspector and SHMS collect data and provide valuable information, associated to the verification of assets and structures for more assertive decision making. 

More than project monitoring, the main target is to act before any accident might occur, through information provided precisely by our solutions. Therefore, each piece of data must be accurate and, for that to happen it is necessary the assistance of PMO from the beginning to the end, focusing on each customer’s demands, where there are specific parameters, being quality one of the successful criteria to be reached. 

Since the development and deployment are time-consuming processes and require various tests and feedback, it is common that unforeseen situations occur until the system is totally finalized and deployed. Thus, PMO following up is important to decision making and quick containment actions. After identifying the root cause, a new correcting plan is drawn up, seeking for effective solution.  

Geo Inspector and SHMS development involves several sectors of IntellTech, and all of them are important for a solution delivery quality and efficiency of results. We want to help mining companies to avoid accidents and keep their social and environmental responsibility, according to national legislation advancements and the international safety good practices. 

Have you ever thought of having a dam monitoring system which provides safety for your mining company day-to-day routine? Schedule a talk meeting with one of our experts and get to know all the functionalities that Geo inspector and SHMS have to offer supervising geotechnical assets.