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IntellTech takes Brazilian technology to SSIM 2021 – Australia

Representing our country, IntellTech was the only Brazilian company in the technology at SSIM 2021 (Slope Stability in Mining). The international conference, promoted ACG (Australian Centre for Geomechanics), took place between October 26, 27 and 28, in Perth, Australia. 

Geared on civil engineers, geotechnicians, researchers, suppliers and professionals in the mining field, SSIM 2021 brought in lectures and exhibitions the best downhill technologies, good implementation practices and performance monitoring, research of pit slopes, risk management, slope optimization, among other topics. 

For those who attended or could not make it, the organizers of SSIM 2021 made available a repository of 38 research papers in the mining sector, presented during the event, such as the case study of rockfalls and mitigation at the Newmont gold mine in Boddington, Australia. To access the materials, click here. 

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IntellTech page on the SSIM 2021 website.

Brazilian technology at SSIM 2021 

With a presence in the online edition, IntellTech brought to SSIM 2021 its national solutions, Slope Health Monitoring System (SHMS) and Geo Inspector, integrated web-mobile systems, analytical and intelligent web-mobile systems for geotechnical monitoring and inspection in mining. 

Widely flexible and customizable according to the needs and requirements of each customer, SHMS and Geo Inspector include information technology, statistics and engineering, for data collection, real-time monitoring, risk analysis and forecast. Thus increasing safety in mining activities and dam management. 

Attending an event such as SSIM 2021 shows that IntellTech is increasingly expanding its business worldwide, leading solutions that help reduce the environmental impact and preserve the lives of company employees and residents of the region.