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Green background with a computer screen with graphics and lines of information with numbers and texts. Next to the screen, it says Dam monitoring system: the importance of PMO during implementation.

When it comes to Dams monitoring system, we can tell we are talking about protecting lives and the environment, because any failure in data collect and information analysis might cause enormous tragedies such as the ones in Mariana and Brumadinho (in Brazil).  Thus, having a team totally dedicated to planning and overviewing the system implementation […]

Siren Integration and Triggering-1

All mining companies have a responsibility to communicate warnings to potentially affected communities in the event of a dam break, and thus sirens are essential warning tools for this type of situation. There are several meanings for the sounding of a siren, however, most of them are associated with some risk or a warning sign […]

Geo Inspector and the Digitalize Fieldwork

Geo Inspector consists of a Web-Mobile platform designed to centralize data and information collected in the field and asset data related to any area. In particular, it has been widely used in the geotechnical monitoring sector, mineral and electrical markets.  It is possible to control information online on the web platform and offline proceeding from […]

Big Data and Predictive Analysis Module of the SHM Platform

The SHMS platform is a Digital Asset Monitoring Solution developed by IntellTech and has an exclusive statistical analysis module called “Big Data and Predictive Analysis”. The name was chosen as it sums up the concept of creating this module, which allows: Collect a series of data simultaneously, cross-referencing them in various ways and extracting from […]

Stability Analysis get to know the SHMS module dedicated to it

Stability Analysis is a set of methods – static or dynamic, analytical or empirical. They are used to evaluate the stability of soil or rock dams, slopes or ravines. In a practical way, this analysis provides parameters and subsidies to certify the stability of a structure or assist in understanding where reinforcements are needed. It […]

World Environment Day – How IntellTech can help you

What do all sectors of the economy have in common? This may seem like a random question, but one that is entirely necessary on this World Environment Day. This is because activities developed in all sectors of the economy affect, directly, the environment. This happens through the use of natural resources or in the residues […]

We Help to Preserve the Environment

We help to preserve the environment

Celebrating nature is much more than hugging trees or cheering the sunset. After all, the environment provides us with several fundamental resources for our life, such as air, water, and food. This is why June 5 was established as “World Environment Day”. On this date, created by the General Assembly of the United Nations in […]

Learn about the 2D and 3D modules of SHMS

You probably already know the benefits of SHMS for monitoring work; we will talk about the differences between the 2D and 3D modules. Both modules are intended exactly for real-time online monitoring of the client’s structures. They have the functionality to allow the modules to be updated, and automatically information is displayed for real-time monitoring […]

Get to Know the SHMS Platform

Get to Know the SHMS Platform

IntellTech’s core business are technology solutions for customized digital projects. These customizable systems are intended to monitor and analyze dams and other similar assets and bring together various information and data, important elements to contribute to decision making by contractors. While Geo Inspector is the solution used on a daily basis, in-field activities, the SHMS – […]

9 reasons to get to know Geo Inspector

Geo Inspector is one of the main solutions developed here at IntellTech. It is a WEB-Mobile platform for full-time management of field activities. With Geo Inspector, it is possible to evaluate monitoring, auscultation, and inspection activities geotechnical structures (tailings dams and pits). And also perform integrated and intelligent management of anomalies and assets of these […]