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Big Data and Predictive Analysis Module of the SHM Platform

Get to know the Big Data and Predictive Analysis Module of the SHM Platform

The SHMS platform is a Digital Asset Monitoring Solution developed by IntellTech and has an exclusive statistical analysis module called “Big Data and Predictive Analysis”.

The name was chosen as it sums up the concept of creating this module, which allows:

  • Collect a series of data simultaneously, cross-referencing them in various ways and extracting from them the most relevant information for decision making (Big Data);
  • Measure the best time to perform maintenance, avoiding losses (Predictive Analysis).

Even though they are important functions, Big Data and Predictive analytics are not the only ones performed by this module. On the contrary, it allows the performance of several different and complementary operations, including analyses of periods (of time and seasons) instruments and structures, among others. The technology also makes comparisons between data, increasing the information extracted from these data.

Serial intelligence

These forecasting techniques use intelligent methods to calculate the interval of the time series used to model the data and fit the best descriptive model to be used to predict future measurements.

There are many advantages in using the Big Data and Predictive Analysis module of the SHMS PLATFORM. The module can be used to generate a monitoring dashboard and also generate dynamically created digital reports.

It is worth mentioning that the module has a plugin for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, which enables the export of data. In this way, users can incorporate their pre-existing graphs and reports to the system using them internally.

Considering the range of exclusive features of this module, we have listed those that make the most difference in the daily life of its users. In this way, you can better understand the functionality and determine whether it suits the company’s needs.

Read on and check it out!

Unique features of SHMS

We have already covered the versatility of the Big Data and Predictive Analytics module of the SHMS platform and highlighted the variety of data and components that can be evaluated during monitoring. But beyond the analysis and cross-checking of information, we need to highlight the graphic and design features of the solution.

These elements contribute to the user experience, making it easier to understand and locate the information offered by the module. The dashboard also features other elements in its layout – such as graphics, text boxes, images, and dividing lines. With these resources, the user is able to create customized graphs and reports, customizing not only the information but also the visual identity of reports and spreadsheets.

Below, we list some unique features of the module:

  • Temporal analysis

One of the possibilities offered is the visualization of time series. In other words, the data collected over time by the instruments and the data transformed by means of previously registered formulas may be evaluated at different time intervals.

  • Historical Stationarity

With the same temporal data, it is also possible to make a statistical prediction of when a landslide may occur. This is due to the classification of the time series, identifying if it is stationary or, on the contrary, if it presents velocity or acceleration.

  • Spatial Analysis

As well as analyzing related to the passage of time, the module performs spatial analyses. Thus, it can determine the displacement of instruments – such as inclinometer, TDR’s prisms, and others – along the depth at which they were installed.

  • Box Plot (h3)

The Box Plot is a special tool within the module that allows the user to perform analysis for past periods. This solution is important because it uses the data measured by the instruments in the last years and traces what is expected from its measurement month by month, every quarter, or other periods pre-defined by the user.

  • Principal Components Chart

This resource allows a group of instruments to be analyzed, comparing their results with each other. The information can be generated individually or showing all the equipment in the same graph, amplifying the qualitative vision of their behavior.

  • Trend Graph

This resource enables the extraction of time-series trends. Its differential is the use of several different and complementary techniques, as simple moving averages and SSA.

  • Representativeness Graph

Used to present the representativities of the instruments, this chart enables the grouping of instruments. From the analysis, the user can identify which of them presents more variations and which one is more correlated to the others.

The statistical analysis module of the SHMS platform can also measure characteristics such as calculation of inverse velocity, speed, acceleration, the average sum of data in a given period of time, differences of data in a period of time, among other features.

In summary, it is a very powerful tool formed by various analyses and functionalities. With so many qualities, it’s worth trying a taste of solution, isn’t it? Contact our expert area and find out how the SHMS platform can facilitate and optimize the day-to-day of your operation.