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9 reasons to get to know Geo Inspector

9 reasons to get to know Geo Inspector

Geo Inspector is one of the main solutions developed here at IntellTech. It is a WEB-Mobile platform for full-time management of field activities. With Geo Inspector, it is possible to evaluate monitoring, auscultation, and inspection activities geotechnical structures (tailings dams and pits). And also perform integrated and intelligent management of anomalies and assets of these structures.

The tool, fully customizable, is the best substitute for clipboards in the field. Besides being IntellTech’s flagship product, it has a history that is intertwined with that of the company itself since it is the system created in the first prototyping we did in early 2016.

Its creation, by the way, was assertively carried out considering the main activities and needs of our customers. Today, I will describe the main features of Geo Inspector and show you that it can adapt to your needs. Do you have doubts? Then read on!

Geo Inspector Features

Learn about the tool’s nine main features:

  1. Languages

Its interfaces can be configured in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish or English, according to the preference of each particular user.

  1. Dashboard

Can be seen as a structured and architected integrator under the Data Warehouse (DW) concept of all data from manual instruments and/or sensors, as well as information inspection activities and the management of anomalies and assets.

  1. Users

Enables the creation of users with different levels of access to the data and/or information available in the DW System.

  1. Data Availability

It is an intelligent, integrated system where data and actions can be auditable and traceable at any time. This feature meets Brazil’s National Mining Agency (NMA) Ordinance 70,389/17, art. 7, paragraph 3, which requires that the information from the Monitoring System must be available to the teams or systems of the State and Federal Civil Defenses.

  1. Remote Access

It can be accessed by the administrator user(s) remotely in real-time and from anywhere in the world. In effect, it contributes to the generation of work schedules, monitoring and inspection activity planning, activity tracking (by user or groups of field users), anomaly follow-up (by means of photo analysis of photos and information collected in the field, for example) in a quick, efficient and safe way.

  1. Instruments

It supports an unlimited number of hand-picking instruments and sensors, geotechnical structures, departments, and users to be registered. Thus, in an eventual acquisition of new manual instruments, for example, there is no additional charge for the registration in Geo Inspector.

  1. Activity Checklist

It has features that allow you to create or modify Readings Sheets and Inspection Forms very simply. In this way, it meets NMA Ordinance 70.389/17, art. 53, which deals with the import of data from registered dams to the NMA’s RALWEB SYSTEM.

  1. Asset Management

It has an asset management module linked to the anomaly management module, enabling the acquisition of strategic and operational information faster, more efficient, and safer.

  1. Intuitive

It is equipped with customized reports automatically generated with a few clicks concerning monitoring and inspection activities. This facilitates, for example, the filling of the SIGBM (Integrated System of Safety Management of Mining Dams) of the Regular Dam Inspection, which is a requirement provided for in Article 20 of NMA Ordinance 70.389/17.

In addition to monitoring, ease of use, and the ability to group a large amount of data and turn it into information, Geo Inspector also makes the day-to-day life of your collaborators in the field. So, how about offering them a new possibility?

New times require new attitudes! Contact me, and let’s talk about your doubts and needs.